The “Super-Me™” Self-Improvement Series

Book Series 1 – 10

What You Get…

> Super-Me Improvement Series – Manuals 1 – 10:  The Super-Me series is a compilation of 10 books with a  total of over 400 pages where each book averages around 40 pages – so they are quick and entertaining   reads. Every word is chosen specifically to teach you dozens of Tips, Tools and Insights on Living the Life of Your Dreams!  

> These books don’t just talk about taking your Life experience to an entire new level… these books show you  “How and What” you need to do – Step by Step – to open your life to greatness starting today and lasting for  the rest of your Life.  This is a gift that keeps giving… no expiration date!

> These Success tools can be used by Anyone Anyplace Anytime and they are all designed to significantly     improve you, your life and your lifestyle. 

> Each book contains stories, lessons and insights to teach you how to be Positively the Greatest YOU possible.

> The information below will give you an “idea” of what is contained in the “Super-Me” Series but it can’t show  you the “Details behind the Details”.  These books will give you the Drive, the Confidence, the Attitude, the  Image and the Direction to be the person that you sometimes Dream about.  

> Why do you want to continue to Dream about your future… Let me show you how to LIVE that Dream!

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