Relax and Sell – How To Become a TopTenPercenter™ 
Book Series 1 – 4

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> Books 1 – 4 – (408 pages of pure TopTenPercenter Sales Training):  This gives you “so much” more detail and insight beyond the videos.  These Sales Training books are a MUST for your career to get to where you really want it to be… 

> Including… “The Perfect Sales Script for Any Sale” (and how to use it) – a priceless tool.  This is scripted out word for word just as you need it… we discussed this on the videos.  This is your chance to put your script up against “The Perfect Script”.  This alone is worth the price.  Again, we only scratched the surface on your perfect script in the videos.

Book 1 – This Book is all about your Psychology, your Mindset, your Positioning and how to Relax.  The preparation and expertise you will develop from this book will change your life forever.

Book 2 – This Book gives you MY Sales Approach to Selling – all 9 steps to Close Your Deals.  This is where I show you “How to” implement and use all the Tools I am showing you.

Book 3 – This is your NOTEBOOK / WORKBOOK for you to take Notes on everything you learn and bring with you to review every day or before every sales call/visit.  I have created this book so that it follows along with the first 2 books so that you can stay organized on your learning path.

Book 4 – This is your QUICKTIPS Guide so that you can keep all the “learning”, all the “Tools” at your fingertips for quick reference.  The purpose for this book is to keep “All” the tools fresh in your mind and easy to review!

Plus… You keep the 3+ hours of video sales training you have… watch these over and over… and watch them together with the 4 Relax and Sell Books for much faster results. 

>And MORE…  Take a look at owning the Relax and Sell Series in the Combo pack and you will receive a FREE Bonus of a 1 hour 22 minute Audio Training entitled:  INFLUENCE IS YOUR SECRET WEAPON:  And You have much more than you think!  Take this with you on your walks, runs, biking or even driving in the car… it will serve you well and is every bit as packed with value as the videos you have already seen.  


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